Sometime last week, I had a long heartfelt conversation with a dear friend who I call my older sister. We’ve been friends for over 5 years and she has graciously taken me on as a younger sister. With it has come ups and downs, lessons in love, forgiveness, patience, education, faith and everything in between. Therefore, when I faced some challenges recently, she was the first person I dialled up. Since moving back, I must admit my experience has been quite interesting. People always ask me, “what is this “yankee” babe doing in Ibadan?” But, being in Ibadan has provided me with a more realistic experience of the Nigerian environment because, let’s be honest the rest of the country is not Lagos Island. I digress.

Over the last few days, I have seriously pondered over her words telling me that sometimes I have to “stoop to conquer.” That was one of the hardest lessons she learned moving back home (Nigeria). So what did this mean and what would it look like, I thought to myself. Does it really mean I have to belittle myself? However, again I said I have been pondering about her wise words and I realized by no means does this mean I have to belittle myself. However, I am a Christian and I do believe that my God is not a user. In anything that you do, if you are serving God then you will surely not be serving in vain. “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12. For me, “stoop to conquer” must coexist with that verse. I promised myself I will be hopeful, patient, and faithful. With that armour on, what’s the big deal in stooping?

Sometimes, it may seem that you are being kicked down or brought down to a level that seems less than what you should be, but if you can keep in mind that you’re only in this position temporarily and that you WILL conquer I think you will be just alright. At least I know I will. So don’t be afraid to “stoop to conquer.” When you look back you’ll appreciate that time down there because when you do conquer there will be no looking back.

Happy hump day IB City!