The Oke Ogun region of Oyo state is made up of ten (10) Local Government Areas with a population of about 1,497,325 (as per 2006 National Census). Despite the vast land mass and the abundant resources present in the region, Oke Ogun region has been witnessing persistent marginalization.

Politically, Oke Ogun region has been relegated to the rear seat by various governments at different times. It goes beyond mere academic exercise doing a review of the maltreatments suffered in the hands of past governments in Oyo State. The late Alhaji Lam Adesina’s administration (1999-2003) however stands out amongst all others that maltreated this region.

The political landscape is known for diverse political chicaneries usually oozing out from the politicians while seeking for the peoples’ mandate. We are familiar to many fake and mostly impossible promises in Oke Ogun by many a politician who seek for our votes only to be shortchanged thereafter. It was in the same thinking that most Oke Ogun indigenes took the campaign promises of Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi during his electioneering campaign. Another school of thought however was then of the opinion that Sen. Ajimobi should be taken for his words given the caliber of political heavyweights supporting his candidature. Amongst the notable figures is Chief M.A Koleosho, Secretary to the State Government (SSG) 1999-2003, who enjoined the people of Oke Ogun region to cast their votes for the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) 2011Gubernatorial candidate. It was of the belief by this second school of thought that there would be the opportunity to challenge Chief M.A Koleosho should Sen. Ajimobi emerges and fails to honour his promise(s) to Oke Ogun area.

The outcome of the April 2011 Gubernatorial election produced Gov. Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi as the winner. It was a sigh of relief bottled up in anticipation of a good omen to Oke Ogun of his emergence. While the expectant region of Oke Ogun eagerly awaits the new government to roll out in full form, the fear of ‘Ibadan factor’ began to grow in the hearts of many. There is no denying the existence of ‘Ibadan factor’ through the actions of some past governments in Oyo state. Oke Ogun however maintained usual calm when the Sen. Ajimobi’s government adopted the mantra “Ajumose gbogbo wa ni”. This mantra which literary translates to mean that the usual Ibadan or personal factor will not be ascribed to the new government.

The wheel of governance proceeded on a good note with Oke Ogun still hopeful for the fulfillment of promise(s) made by the new government at the helms of affairs. A year passed by with Oke Ogun counting the days and some achievements already recorded by the Sen. Ajimobi‘s government.

The achievements of the Ajimobi‘s government began to attract review by keen watchers as it concerns how evenly distributed, the various laudable projects being carried out in Oyo state. It was in the review process of government’s achievements as the government of the day is about to clock two (2) years that the news came in that the Oyo state government has established two polytechnics. The announcement came as a big surprise and joy to Oke Ogun.

The media became awash with the news of the establishment of two new polytechnics through an Executive sponsored Bill as explained by Oyo State House of Assembly Speaker, Rt. Hon. Sumonu.

On a personal note, a flashback occurred immediately after receiving the news of the establishment of two Polytechnics; Oke Ogun and Ibarapa respectively. The first thing that struck my mind was to do a quick recap on history and keeping to campaign promises. However, space constraints will not allow for an in-depth expatiation of historical existence of the two polytechnics. On the other hand, I will dwell on the aspect of keeping to campaign promise.

As earlier stated, believing campaign promises have always been of gaining little or no acceptance to those which promises are addressed to. In this context, the case is entirely different. How? The Ajimobi campaign team of 2011 made a promise to Oke Ogun and now, it is promise kept – the making of the Polytechnic Ibadan, Saki satellite campus, an autonomous Polytechnic, now Oke Ogun Polytechnic.

There is no gainsaying in the fact that the entire Oke Ogun region is appreciative of a promise made and a promise kept. However, despite the appreciation of this good idea, it is the belief of every nook and cranny of Oke Ogun at large that, there is always room for more good tidings that the Gov Ajimobi led-government could channel to the region. Thank you Your Excellency the Governor of Oyo State, for keeping to your promise to Oke Ogun. We are not being selfish as we cannot but ask for more dividends and after all, we will be proud to echo it together that – “ki Oyo baa le dara, Ajumose gbogbo wa ni”

God bless Oyo state!


@adesinaadeyemie [email protected]

President, National Association of Oke Ogun Students (NAOOS)

University of Abuja chapter, FCT-Abuja.